'miron' - chair 
'czy mieszkasz, czy żyjesz' - modular architecture 
chapel in chwaszczyno
'hosen_träger' -  wardrobe
'x_module' - modular furniture system
'chaise 01'
'sympathy for the bulb' - lamp
'city mapping' - architectural research
'haus aistleitner' - extension
installation - raum&designstrategien_final review '08
'generic city'
'sonntag stein' - identity

under construction about stadtpark contact

designed to provide a place for individual meditation and prayer to the people of chwaszczyno.
planned in natural, untreated larch wood it allows time and nature to change the colours and texture of  the materials... and blends in with surroun- ding meadows and forests.
the building is located about 10-minute-walk away from the village, which means that you have to explore the scene make an effort to reach it.
the ascetic intereior creates plenty of space for concen- tration.
the play of light through pourous monolithic walls...    textures and the smell of materials, flowers and sounds of nature are integral elements of this modest space for prayer...