'miron' - chair 
'czy mieszkasz, czy żyjesz' - modular architecture 
chapel in chwaszczyno
'hosen_träger' -  wardrobe
'x_module' - modular furniture system
'chaise 01'
'sympathy for the bulb' - lamp
'city mapping' - architectural research
'haus aistleitner' - extension
installation - raum&designstrategien_final review '08
'generic city'
'sonntag stein' - identity

under construction about stadtpark contact
 communication, speed
 flexibility, noise, change.
 anonymous architecture
 branding, function
 sustainability - representation.

 architect's ego
 architectural corner shops
 - disappearance
 serial production
 - non contextual
 architecture limits itself
 to its image,
 to a postcard
 degradation of space

 individuality - urbanism
 finger print - mass production

 buy me
 m_chmara, a_rosinke 07